Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DIY - Personalized and Unique Cool Gifts for Christmas

Thinking of what to give for your bestfriends this Christmas? Yet, you don't have in mind of what you are going to buy? Or you are dead tired of strolling in malls looking for those special gifts that your loved ones may appreciate much. Then here's a better idea.. A do-it-yourself gifts shared by a Vlogger I have came across while I surfing and bumped with youtube tutorials.

You may choose from among three of her cool and chic ideas.

  • Candy Box
  • Customized IPhone Case
  • Real Instagram Picture Frame
  • Unbaked Brownie in A Jar (Ingredients)

Among her works, I love most the " Unbaked Brownie in a Jar " with the recipe attached in the jar. So nice that it's my first time seeing that kind of personalized gift. I think that would best fit for our friends who loved baking or even if a novice may have this one as well.

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  1. Great, this looks really good. why spend money in buying expensive stuff from market when you can make some really awesome things by yourself. Thanks for sharing the post..